Killing the Monster Within

“He’s such a cute lil’ monster”… It wasn’t cute when you were a little kid and it’s even uglier now that you are grown up.  I’m talking about the beast that rages inside.  That side of us that surfaces under pressure, when we don’t get our way or when we are around certain people or indulge in certain things.  In this weird season where monsters and the macabre are celebrated, allow me to introduce you to the truth about the worst side of us all, but let’s do something about it!  Let us learn how to defeat that beast within us through Christ and kill the monster once and for all.  Join us at The Gathering each Sunday throughout  October at 10AM at 22427 Norwalk Blvd., Hawaiian Gardens for my Killing The Monster series.  A truly roarsome experience.

Mere Acquaintances and even some close associates would never believe that there could be a monster within you or me, but those closest to us have certainly witnessed some sightings. Perhaps they have even been wounded by our behavior. Still some are monsters in denial; believing their monstrous behavior is normal and excusable. They refuse to believe what the eyewitnesses say about their brutal behavior. They refuse to believe that there is a monster inside, but the Bible clearly says that there is… Asaph, was a man of God who wrote about how he became a brute beast. His trigger was in desiring material wealth. He envied the wicked who prospered and almost lost his way as a result of that stinking thinking. Fortunately, Asaph (Psalm 73:1-28) was Biblically grounded (verses 25-26) and continued fellowship in the “house of God” (verses 15-17). Those two things saved him from self-destruction.   We must not ever be so foolish as to deny the fact that we have a brute beast within us. Only Christ can save us from that “wretched man (person) that I am” (Romans 7:24-25a)   We must avoid stinking thinking and stay  single-minded (James 4:7-8and focused on Christ or we will indeed become a monster.

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