In Mary Shelley’s classic book Frankenstein, Dr. Frankenstein sought to destroy his creation gone bad. Mankind’s Creator provided a remedy in Jesus Christ. Just as Adam brought sin and death, Jesus came that we might have life by believing in Him. We who were once dead in our own choice to sin, and live in opposition to our creator, can now be born again to a new hope. We can be saved! (Romans 6:10-11,16-18 ,23, 2 Corinthians 5:17)

Like the monster in Shelley’s book, we cannot live with dead parts attached to us. Sin is death and it has no place with God’s plan for His new creation. If you are not a follower of Christ then the Bible says you are dead; however, many of us Christians are holding on to dead parts still. If the monster within you keeps raising his ugly head in your life then ask yourselves these questions:

  1. What dead habits are you holding onto?
  2. What dead friends or family members are you associating with                   You can love the dying without getting into the coffin with them.
  3. What dead things are you entertaining yourself with?

(i.e. books, movies, music, the internet, television, clubs, bars, etc.)


Like sin, carbon monoxide will slowly kill you if you breathe it in. You might even be totally unaware that it is slowly cutting off your air supply. The remedy for its effects on you is to simply breathe in pure oxygen for an extended period of time. As we draw closer to God (pure oxygen/ the creative breath of life) He will draw closer to us. Just as you breathe in pure air after sucking in carbon monoxide your body and soul will begin to feel more alive. Life will be sweeter as you shake of the chains of death and sin. If you want to kill the monster within you then you must first acknowledge your true creator and the sin of not glorifying Him with your life. Then try these wonderful “breathing exercises” and watch the CHANGE!


  1. Hang out with God’s people each week at church
  2. Read God’s Word (the Bible) Join a Bible Study group
  3. Give some of your time to God’s work (volunteer)                                           There is nothing like living to keep death away from your door!                                             
  4.  Talk to God daily……Unlike Dr. Frankenstein, your creator loves you! (John 3:16)

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