Terror Alert!


The 2012 Benghazi, Libya attack that took four American lives at the narcissistic price of a second term presidential election, the presidential release of five high level terrorist for one American traitor, a blundering deal with Iran that paid the terror sponsors $150 billion dollars and allows their own inspectors to regulate their nuclear capabilities, and the presidential promise to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees into America in 2016 despite the current terrorist attacks on Paris.  Meanwhile, many Americans are actually considering a vote for a similar bag of tricks in Hillary Clinton, or a bag of bones in avowed socialist  Bernie Sanders.

The question burning in American minds? Will extremist Muslim terrorists attack America like they have attacked France? Why would they do such a foolish thing when the current administration is playing right into their blood soaked hands?  If they do attack Washington as they promised, I am sure that they will leave the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue alone.  There are terrorist alerts all over the world and yet one of the greatest threats to America resides in our White House.  Additional threats come through the votes of like minded Americans.  Wake up America and think beyond your own self-centered interests.  If you don’t recognize some (or any) of the above mentioned administrative decisions then you need to investigate them, the policy makers and the dangers they pose to you and our America.  Come on people…we have our posterity to protect!

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