The Danger of “Tourists”

Syruan Refugeesnorthern iraqThere is a great debate over allowing 10,000 + Syrian  refugees into America.  President Obama says that they are “no more dangerous than tourists” and that critics of bringing in Syrian refugees are ‘scared of widows and orphans’.  It is important to note, however, that tourists come for a short, planned stay with their own money which adds to a country’s economy, and widows and orphans are not usually accompanied by a host of 18-57 year old men.  The President is living in denial once again.  The fact of the matter is that these 10,000 + refugees will be a long-term responsibility on the citizens of America.  We will provide their health care, food, child births, education, and housing.  They will also compete for employment with our citizens and put an additional burden on public safety.  Additionally, these are people with different ideals and values from American people, and possibly some may even be planted terrorists who seek to do real harm to our people.  To say that these things  should be of no concern to the American people is foolhardy at least and irresponsibly detrimental to the future of our posterity at most.

It seems strange to me that our President and his adherents would rather bring 10,000+ threats into our country than to send 10,000+ military troops into Syria and Iraq to destroy the beast that drove them out. The military’s purpose is to serve and to protect America and its citizens. The primary reason for the existence of the military is to engage in combat and to win should it be required to do so.  I would rather risk the lives of American soldiers on foreign soil than risk the lives of our children and grandchildren on American soil.  This is why the military has been established. and this is the kind of directive that should be coming from  its Commander and Chief.  To deny that the world and America is at war with radical Islamic terrorists is insanity.  What has occurred in France will be coming to America…in fact it already has.  How quickly we forget 9.11. 2001!  What will it take to resurrect  the dead spot between our ears?

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