Saeed is Freed but America is on a Leash

1452078_388563361278035_927014203_n[1]Today I am praising God that Iran has freed four innocent U.S. citizens who have been held as their prisoners., including Pastor Saeed Abendini whom we have been praying for diligently for three years. A fifth man — described as a recently detained student — was also separately released. I am not praising God that this freeing occurred because of a “swap”. America has released 7 terrorists to Iran in this swap, and let us not forget that this is the second batch of terrorist that Obama has released in such a “swap”.  Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, currently under investigation for being a U.S. traitor, was released from captivity at  the release of five Taliban prisoners kept at Guantanamo Bay – all of them were either senior Taliban figures or Taliban officials with connections to Taliban leaders, and all labeled by the Pentagon as highly dangerous to the security of the U.S. and its allies. I am also not praising God for a president and an administration that made a deal with Iran that pays them 150 billion dollars and gives them free reign to monitor their own nuclear facilities.  Recently, let us not forget, that ten U.S. Marines were also held at gunpoint and held for 15 hours by Iranian soldiers before they were released after an apology by Secretary of State Kerry. It has been determined that the boats drifted into their waters because of engine trouble.

While president Obama touts that “the state of the Union has never been stronger” the state of America has never looked so weak internationally. It is evident that our country no longer leads the free world. We now appear to be on the leash of tyrants. It is likely that more hostages will be taken from America by terrorists in the future since the return rate is so good. The old idiom will prove true once again in reference to these devilish dealings: “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile”.

Praise God for Pastor Saeed’s release…but God help America.

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