Love trojanhorse[1]Letters: Studies in 1,2 & 3 John: Lesson 7of 8/ 2 John

 The Lady & Her Children 2 John 1-8, John 8:31b-32, Matthew 22:39.

John, now an serving as an Elder in the church he founded, addresses The “chosen lady and her children.” This was a code to address the church in a time of extreme persecution. John was protecting his “flock” which is the entire purpose of his letter. He reiterates  what he  wrote in 1 John (walk in obedience to the truth which demonstrates our love to God and  others).  He reminds them that the anti-Christ is more than just a man coming in the “last days”.  It is a teaching (of the Gnostics) seeking to destroy the faith.  His warning is to “Watch Out!” Christians today need to also pay close attention to this warning.  

A “Trojan Horse” Galatians 5:6b-9 (“who cut in on you?”)

In ancient times cities were built with walls around them to keep out enemies that might try and destroy the city from within. Later, as populations grew, city walls were done away with; however, the residences of  kings and nobles were heavily guarded and even motes were put around castles to keep out would be intruders.  Today,  most homes have locks and the more elite have high tech security alarms.  We still protect our high level government officials with guards but we can clearly see, in this age of the terrorist, that  security is always questionable.  This is especially true in our own homes.  The bottom line is that we and our children are wide open to the attacks of the devil right where we live. Like the story of the Trojan Horse that defeated the walled city of Troy, we open our doors to the enemy everyday. Consider these “Trojan Horses” that you may be celebrating in your homes (or in your living), but may in fact cause destruction:

Television: What do you and your children watch on T.V.? Do the programs that you view in your home reflect your faith in God?  Do they erode your sense of right and wrong?  What cable channels do you receive?  What do the kids watch when you’re not home?

Video Games: Many of the video games out there are extremely violent, sexually explicit and even glorify criminal activity.

Music & Movies: We reap what we sow. Galatians 5:7 Music and visual images do affect our thinking which will eventually affect our actions.  What are your kids listening to with their earphones?  Do you ever check it out?  What do you listen to and watch?

The Internet: “You will know them by their facebook”. (Look at it the cops do!)  What’s your kid looking at on the internet?  What are you looking at? The world can come in right through your screen.  In fact that is just what ISIS is doing to recruit idle minds.

The company you keep: Who do you let into your house? What do they bring with them?  Many times we allow family to behave in ways we would never accept from others.  Drinking, drugs, foul language, shacking up, all of these behaviors will affect our households and the children being influenced in them. You should also check up on what your kids are learning at school everyday too. If you don’t counter the liberal teaching they are getting with good solid discussions then you are not being wise in the way you are supposed to be “training up your child” (Proverbs 22:6).

Spiritual Solicitors at your door: Another “Trojan Horse” is found in those who knock on our doors to convert us to other religions (namely Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses). We are told by John not to welcome people into our house that share false doctrines (2 John 10).

Tough Love 1 Timothy 6:20-21, 2 John 9-13, Romans 12:9 , Proverbs 4:23

It may seem “unloving” to “guard what has been entrusted to our care” as the Apostle Paul instructed; however, what is unguarded is likely to be stolen away. Even Jesus taught us to exercise our love towards others with a watchful eye when He said: “Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:16) Once again, Paul says: “Love must be sincere. hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” (Romans 12:9)  Guard your heart!

If we hate evil we will not tolerate it even in our loved ones. We can love the sinner and not tolerate his sin.  In John’s second letter he tells us not to welcome one into our home who teaches false doctrines.  If we do we share in his “wicked work.” If we are not acting against unrighteousness then we are promoting it by our apathy.  We must not allow the “Trojan Horses” of the world to invade our lives or the lives of our children… ”Watch out” Christian!

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