The Word Of God Forever


Isaiah Lesson 6: “The Word Of God Forever” Isaiah 15-35 Pastor Barry Bruce

Judgments  Isaiah 15-25-34 (Selected passages)

The chapters of Isaiah, 15-34, are a series of judgment prophecies given by Isaiah to nations that proudly rebelled against the laws of God and God’s people, the Israelites. God allowed these nations to rise and fall in order to discipline His wayward people; however, the fulfillment of each of these prophecies clearly demonstrates that God was in control even when things appeared completely out of control.  Proverbs 19:21

Throughout these prophecies, God clearly illustrates 1.) the purpose of His plan (to discipline His rebellious people who had chosen to trust in man rather than God), 2.) the reasons the nations fell (their own wickedness and rebellion to God), 3.) the promise of a coming Savior (messiah) who would save (redeem) God’s people, 4.) the eventual rebirth the nation (Israel/ Zion) of God’s chosen people into a forever prosperous and righteous kingdom that rules over all.  Below is a short overview of some of the highlights of these chapters:

 A Prophecy against Moab: Chapter 15-16

Moabites came from the incestuous union of Lot with his oldest daughter (Genesis 19:37). Moab was nation born in sin; however, Ruth was a Moabite and a godly woman who is even mentioned in the genealogy  of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:5).  Although destruction in “three years” was decreed for Moab ,“the oppressor” ( Isaiah 16: 4, 14),  the promised Messiah, “from the house of David” (Jesus) would one day come in Love  and “speed the cause of righteousness” (Isaiah 15:4-5)  In three years Moab was captured by the Assyrians and destroyed.  The Moabite language, like the nation, is extinct. Today it is modern day central-western Jordan.

A Prophecy against Damascus: Chapter 17

God used Tiglath-pileser of Syria to destroy Damascus in 732 B.C. (2 Kings 16:9) He made it a “heap” — just like Isaiah predicted. The city did eventually come back, however, and is now even considered one of the oldest cities in the world. Isaiah said it would “no longer be a city”.  Perhaps Damascus will finally be obliterated in the last days and this prophecy will be completely fulfilled.

A Prophecy against Cush and Egypt: Chapter 18,19,20

In this prophecy God speaks against Israel’s alliance (then) with Egypt and how Assyria would enslave Cushites and Egyptians and lead them away naked in disgrace (illustrated by Isaiah’s three years of walking around and prophesying naked: Isaiah 20:2-5). This      occurred as prophesied, but Isaiah also said that God will eventually strike Egypt with a plague which would turn the nation to the Lord. Egyptians and Assyrians will one day worship together with Israel.  Egypt, Assyria and Israel will be a blessing upon the earth: Isaiah 19:22-25.  This will likely occur in the Millennial Kingdom when Christ reigns on the earth.

A Prophecy against Babylon, Edom, Arabia: Chapter 21

We studied Babylon extensively in Lesson 5.  Arabia:  We can only assume that these    caravans were wiped out in the Assyrian invasions.

A Prophecy about Jerusalem and of Tyre & Sidon: Chapter 22-23

The Prophecy of Tyre and Sidon according to Isaiah and Ezekiel (Chapters 26-27) have come to pass in the most uncanny ways. “No house” — Tyre was so effectually wasted, that there is not a house or harbor left in it.  “Seventy years” — During the time of the Jewish captivity in Babylon. Tyre was taken by Nebuchadnezzar, and was restored by the favor of the Persian monarchs (for sex trade) after the return of the Jews.

A Prophecy about the devastation of the Earth and the rise of Zion: Chapter 24-27

Although these prophecies have yet to come, we can be assured of their accuracy because of the others that have come to pass.  The earth will be largely destroyed (Revelation 8:7 says one third of the earth is destroyed.) yet Israel is not and  it becomes the throne Christ who reigns from Zion (Jerusalem ) for 1000 years.

A Prophecy to Judah the “Obstinate nation” and to the nations that dare to come against her : Chapter 28-34

The prophecy (in present) is to pound Judah’s leaders for making an alliance with Assyria, (Isaiah 30:1,9-13) but the prophecies move into the blessing on those who will be faithful (Isaiah 30:18-21) and onto Zion, the ruling capital of Christ that will never be moved (Isaiah 33:20) and into a curse on any nation that would make war Israel.  God’s plans will not be thwarted!

God’s Word Forever  Isaiah 35,  1 Peter 1:23-25  

Isaiah 35 concludes our study today with the prophecy of promise for the faithful to God. “They will enter Zion with singing!”  We must trust in the fact that it is God who is in control of the nations and even of the courses that they take.  He will always move His people into the direction that ends in blessing…no matter how long the lessons take or how much it hurts.  He is jealous for you! (Exodus 20:4-5, 34:14).

With this in mind, God has made it possible for anyone to come to Him and to be born-again incorruptible in Christ.  God has willed it so—that we would be born anew in Christ.  To go against God’s will is to be judged and to experience His wrath.  His word is forever and this is the Word that He has brought to us through history and in Christ.  Now…in light of all we have learned today, do we really want to rebel against His will?

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