The votlikehellliberal media misdirects the masses like a master magician while one of the worst presidents in American history endorses one who will be a worse one still.  America, as we know it, is on the brink of destruction; meanwhile, fifty million Christians bicker over the political correctness and worldliness of voting for the only alternative.  Don’t tell me that a Christian can’t vote for a president who privately talks about grabbing a woman’s private parts (eleven years ago) or legally didn’t pay taxes for eighteen years under the current tax laws.  Most “Christians” stayed home and didn’t even vote during the primaries when there were more candidates to choose from.  Most “Christians” don’t even read their Bibles, let alone vote or live according to the principals of Christ that are written in it.  Christians need to vote in this election (all elections) as if Hell is rising because it is, and “Christian” apathy and hypocrisy is the reason for its ascent.

How can any Biblical Christian vote for a woman who stands on a mountain of aborted babies while proclaiming that she is a champion of children? (Exodus 20:13, Psalms 139:13, 16,  Proverbs 24:11-12) How can any Christian vote for a woman who has taken millions of dollars worth of donations from world leaders who advocate the abuse of women, children, Christians and Jews.  How can any Christian vote for a woman who has been revealed time and time again as a liar (Exodus 20:16, Proverbs 19:9). One who has lied multiple times to the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and to the American people.  One who has lied about thousands of e-mails, classified documents, Clinton Foundation donations and pay to play deals with foreign governments.  This is the former Secretary of State who denied over 600 requests for help from American Ambassador, Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya.  This is the woman who supported the “stand down” order for a military rescue of the same.  That embassy was attacked and burned while four Americans were tortured to death there.  This is the same woman who refused to call that tragic event “an act of radical Islamic terror” for the sake of her politics.  Before the nation and the world she and her president blamed the attack on a slapstick video made by amateur American film makers.  When the truth came out, Hillary Clinton said “What difference does it make?” Apparently, it makes no difference at all to the millions of American people who are voting for her.

Christians need to stop expecting Donald Trump to act like a church elder.  He isn’t!  They need to stop expecting him to be a politically correct politician.  He isn’t one!  He is an extraordinarily successful business man who has employed millions of Americans of which many are women in some of those highest paid positions.  Donald Trump is not a great orator or debater but he is bent on “Making America Great Again”, and frankly, America has been in decline.  Fiscally, morally, and spiritually in decline, and if you are a Christian and cannot see that decline then you are likely backslidden yourself and need to repent.

The fact is that this election is about more than two different personalities.  This election is about two different agendas and the administrations that will carry them out.  This election is about upholding the constitution of the United States or rewriting it to fit a more liberal agenda.  The next president will determine the direction of our Supreme Court for a lifetime of terms.  What will happen to our right to free speech, our religious freedoms, and our right to bear arms?  Will it even be politically correct, or legal for that matter, to one day to call ourselves “Christians” in Hillary Clinton’s America?

It is officially the countdown to November 8 and that day will reveal not only how America voted, but how Christians voted… fifty million of them to be exact!  That number is enough to choose who our next president will be.  Those Christians that chose not to register to vote,  or those Christians registered who choose not to vote, will have voted for Hillary Clinton by default.  We registered Christian voters who go to the polls will push the vote of one of those candidates into power.  No matter how you slice it Christians…you are responsible for the election of our next president of the United States and God will hold His people responsible for the outcome.  (Ezekiel 33:1-11, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Romans 1:18-21, 28-32,2:5-6).

Christians need to vote in this election as if Hell is rising because it is.  Christians, please pray with me and vote on November 8.

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