Who’s Going To The White House?


What Irony did Hillary speak?

“Donald Trump can’t be trusted in the White House.  Do you want him to have the nuclear launch codes?” 

How can we trust Hillary Clinton in the White House?  She has made huge money deals for herself with many nations that sponsor terror and hate the United States and our allies.  She made these deals while she was Secretary of State through the facade of a non-profit organization called The Clinton Foundation which is now under investigation by the FBI.  She has openly lied to the people of our nation on multiple occasions without apology and she has also openly lied to the FBI and the Department of Justice. She has compromised massive amounts of confidential materials on a public server that she was clearly told to never use.  In fact, she told her subordinates not to use a public server.  Hillary Clinton also refused to respond to over 600 calls for help from American Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya. Her neglect ultimately resulted in his torturous death and that of three other Americans in a terrorist attack which she later lied about.  If this is not enough…The FBI has currently opened another investigation on her for thousands of more e-mails found on the computer of a congress man who is being investigated for sexual crimes with a minor.

P.S.  The President of the United States cannot just start a nuclear war.  The president must first convene a conference with military and civilian advisers in Washington and around the world to talk through options. Secondly, the Pentagon must comply with the commander-in-chief’s order. Hillary Clinton knows this of course.  So who is being a fear monger? 

What Irony has Hillary’s Media spoken?

“Melania Trump in the White House (Former Fashion/ nude model) as The First Lady?”

How about Bill Clinton (Former president/ adulterous playboy) in the White House as the First “Lady?”  Remember, he was responsible for giving the Oval Office a new name (“Oral Office”) after his romps with intern Monica Lewinsky.  He also made “oral sex” a household word in America and the lie: “I did not have sex with that woman” his trademark. His lies were later revealed about Monica… and Juanita and Pauline and Kathleen and Gennifer.  Bill was a busy boy in the White House.  I think I would rather give a first chance to a former fashion model than a second chance to Bill.  I think he has worn out his welcome in the White House and so has Hillary for that matter.


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