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FakeNews“Fake news” You’ve heard the phrase and its true! I often watch opposing news stations in order to decipher the “real news” myself.  While watching CNN and MSNBC regarding President Trump’s speech in Poland I heard nothing but put downs from news reporters and pundits until I went to FOX.  “Dark” was the one word I kept hearing to define his delivery to the people there. I went on line to find the recorded speech so that I could judge it for myself without commentary. I listened intently to the whole thing while searching for the darkness.  There was absolutely no darkness at all!  It was actually a very positive and uplifting speech for which the Polish people cheered throughout!  It was sincere, well thought out, well prepared, well delivered and very presidential! Our president assured our allies that we would be faithful to them, he stood strongly against Radical Islamic terrorism and expressed how important it was that we defeat it together, he also spoke of our great need for God and stood up for the Christian faith that both our countries must hold onto in order to succeed. It was a great speech!

Later, as I surfed news stations I heard another criticism. “The president just read a prepared speech”.  He never deviated from it they said.  I sat amazed at the irony. When the president is unscripted he is ridiculed for being crass, repetitive and bullish. So now he is “scripted?” I just wish he could get his tweets scripted as well! The media hatred for Trump is so obvious and blatant that I don’t even see the point in watching such news anymore, but I do.  I need to know what both the “haters” and the “lovers” are saying so that I can find the middle which is most often the truth.  More importantly, I must never just assume that I am getting the full picture from anyone.  I must, and you must, check out both sides of the news for clarity and sensibility. At this point in history to do anything else is just being a poor citizen.

Flipping this dilemma into a spiritual conversation I will add that there is an abundance of “fake news” about Christianity too.  Yes, there are “haters” and “lovers” of Jesus.  The great difference here of course is that Jesus is truly innocent of any wrong doing.  He even once was crucified at the hands of His “haters” and then forgave them.  People often hate Jesus for what others have done or said while claiming to follow Him.  Still, some simply hate Jesus because they don’t understand Him and that is largely due to “fake news”.  Much of what is said about Jesus and the Bible in documentaries, books, movies and even in some pulpits is simply “fake news!” We must never assume that we are getting the full picture of Jesus and the Bible from anyone. We must check out both sides of the news for clarity and truth our selves. At this point in history to do anything else is just being a poor human being.

Read the Bible’s account of Jesus for yourself.  In fact read all four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and compare them. Then ask yourself some serious questions without any outside commentary.  Do you think Jesus was a liar?  Do you think Jesus was a lunatic? If your answer is no then His claim to be Lord must be true. Don’t believe the “fake news” that the man Jesus never existed.  That fact is thoroughly established in the historical documents that make up the Bible. To disregard them would be on the same level as denying the ancient manuscripts that identify world histories and personalities. In the Bible it says that one day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.   Philippians 2:10-11 This will be “good news” for some and bad news for others. In regards to news, it is the most important news that we should have a clear grasp of.

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