Acts #3: Leap Of Faith

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Like A Frog Acts 3:1-10, John 14:9-14

Wouldn’t it be great to be used of God like Peter and John were in this story!  When was the last time that   you were used by God in such a way?  Have you ever led someone to Christ?  Have you ever been the vehicle through which God brought healing or spiritual encouragement, wisdom or knowledge?  Do you realize that Jesus promised that you too could do these things?

In the gospel of John, Jesus rebuked Phillip  for his disbelief. “Don’t you know Me?” Jesus asked.  Then He went on to say something incredible!  He told Phillip that anyone who has faith in Him will do the things He did and even greater things!  He also said that if we ask Him anything in “His name” that He will do it!  

So why don’t we see more miracles among the church in our day and age?  Why don’t we see greater things being done than even Jesus did?  Why aren’t we living in the excitement and energy of that early church?  The answer is simple… WE NEED TO LIVE LIKE FROGS! 

That’s right…Frogs!  Leaping out in faith like Peter did when he saw the need of the crippled beggar.  Leaping to our feet when God calls like that healed man and then jumping and praising God everywhere we go!  Acts 3:68 

Frog Facts and Christian Similarities

  • Frogs rise up from the mire (swampy ground) and then are placed firmly on solid ground to sing a “new” song! In God’s standard, we too have come up out of the mire of sin and have been placed on solid ground (Christ, “the rock”) to sing His praises!  Psalm 40:1-3 
  • Frogs go through the process of Metamorphosis (from a swimming tad pole to land leaping frogs) In the same way we need to be morphed from our old dead life into a new life in Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:17   We must be “born again!”  John 3:3-7
  • Frogs adapt to water or land (frogs are amphibians, they can exist in two worlds) In the same way Christians live in two worlds.  We live in this world but we are not to be “of this world.”  Our citizenship is in heaven.  Philippians 3:20-21
  • Frogs can leap far beyond themselves (frogs can jump a distance of 10 times their body length. About the same comparative distance as a kangaroo). Christians too, by trusting in God, can go far beyond themselves.  We can do everything through Christ who gives us strength.  Philippians 4:13 
  • A frog Fully Relies On God! (frogs are what they are because God created them to be what they are) We can learn a lot from a frog!  Mankind attempts to be self made.  We are God made!  Mankind attempts to form his own brand of law and morality.  God has laid down both.  Mankind attempts to be god.  He is not!  Frogs are content being what they are and depending on their creator.  Psalm 73:23-28 

    Back To Basics Acts 3:11-26, Ephesians 5:10-16, Matthew 7:21-23

    So why don’t we see more miracles among the church, why don’t we see greater things being done than even Jesus did, why aren’t we living in the excitement and energy of that early church?  The answer is simple…We need to Fully Rely On God like that first century church did. The early church did not rely on their government for financial aid, personal protection, education, medical care and prosperity.  The Roman government over taxed them, persecuted them, overworked them, kept them ignorant and impoverished. And let them die.  God works when we fully trust in Him.  Americans have become selfish, entitled and weak.  The American church has largely followed this trend.  We need to get back to basics if we are going to see God work like he promised. 

    Notice how Peter gives all the praise to Jesus for making the man walk (Acts 3:12). Do the “healing televangelists” of our day do the same? No first century Christian ever got rich off of Jesus.  Real miracles and the “favor of all people” (Acts 2:47)  can only happen when man stops making Christianity a show for simpletons! No power or godliness of man will ever make a man walk or ever has. Christians should be shunning and exposing such charlatans instead of flocking to their shows and paying for their lavish lifestyles (Ephesians 5:10-16). These phonies will one day pay for such blasphemy (Matthew 7:21-23), but all Christians pay the price for them now.  Many in our world today see Christianity as a sideshow of hypocrisy.

    Peter and John set a great example for us here of Fully Relying On God and receiving the full benefits of that trust when about two-thousand came to Christ (Acts 4:4): They followed Jesus. They were “morphed” by the power of the Holy Spirit into new creations. They lived on the earth but looked forward to the Kingdom of God. They “leaped” beyond themselves on faith in the one they fully relied on and they gave glory to Jesus and took no glory for themselves.

    Conditions  2 Chronicles 16:9

    Peter and John saw God work because they were seeking Him. They were on their way to “church” to pray.  So often we don’t see God work because we are not seeking Him.  God looks for those who seek Him (2 Chronicles 16:9).  Jesus promised that we would do greater things than He but it was a promise with two conditions:

    1. That we would “have faith in Him” John 14:12  “Faith comes by hearing the word of God”  (Romans 10:17).  and then putting it into practice (James 1:22).
    2. “Ask in His name” John 14:13 Asking in “His name” is another way of saying “asking in His will.”  Ones name would never be affixed to something outside of one’s character in the first century.


    God is working miracles today but only through those who are living like F.R.O.G.s  “The greater things” are waiting for all those who Fully Rely On God…will you?



























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