Thanks For “Nothing”

CornucopiaEmptyPastor Barry/ The Gathering Church: Thanksgiving Devotional/ Thanks For “Nothing”

Giving Thanks In All Situations  Job 1:21-22, Philippians 4:4-7,4:11b-13

Do you give God the thanks that He is worthy of…all the time?  It is easy to give thanks when everything is going great, but how about when you feel nothing?  How about when life is going dreadfully wrong?

Job was a man who had it all and then lost everything bit by bit without an explanation.  When Job lost his sons and daughters in a tornado his response was praise!  He gave God thanks for the blessings which had been his for so many years.  He realized that they were on loan to him and not his to keep forever.

There are two promises eternal, given only to those who have received Christ.  The right to become children of God ( John 1:12) and to live eternally with Him (John 3:16). These are God’s amazing acts of grace (unmerited favor) towards us.  We do not deserve them because we have sinned against Him time and time again.  This is why we should always give thanks to God for His indescribable gift (2 Corinthians 9:14).  So many “Christians” get this wrong.  They say that “blessing and prosperity are their divine right and they order them from God like they are at some free fast food restaurant.  These are like spoiled children who demand more from the parent who has given everything.  They appear to have great faith, but what happens to these people when bad times come?  Where will be their faithfulness in tribulation or trial, when health fails or loved ones die?

We need to learn to give thanks for the nothings as well as the somethings, realizing that the two things  that can never be taken away from us are sufficient and given to us as a priceless treasure by an awesome God.

Neglecting Thanksgiving  Job 2:9-10

The Pilgrim’s first year after landing at Plymouth Rock in December of 1620 was miserable.  By spring they had lost 46 of the original 102 who sailed on the Mayflower;  however, their faithfulness to God remained. God sent them a blessing in Squanto, a native American who taught the Pilgrims how to farm, hunt and live off the land.  That second year proved to be prosperous and so a “Thanksgiving” was recognized in which the Pilgrims gave thanks to God for their friends and their abundant harvest.

The Pilgrims neglected a “thanksgiving” in their second year because they were to caught up in their work and prosperity.  Once again they suffered so greatly in their harvest that even the natives exclaimed that they had never seen the likes of such bad weather.  Like Job, they sought the Lord rather cursing Him and dying, as Job’s wife so foolishly suggested that he do.  They fasted and prayed and repented for their  independence from God.  Soon the rains came and Thanksgiving became a yearly festival in both good and bad years of harvest.

Sometimes Nothing Is a Blessing James 1:2-4, 1 Thessalonians 5:16

James says we should consider it a joy when we encounter trials because they build character and faith. Consider Paul and Silas in a Roman prison singing praises to God while in stocks.  This praise shook the very prison and released them from their chains.  Consider Joseph who praised God while in the Egyptian prison.  Later released to become second to pharaoh.  Consider Job, who lost his family, fortune, health and friends, yet continued to give God praise.  He too was rewarded not only in this life but in the one to come.

As Thanksgiving approaches are you feeling nothing?  Then rejoice…for you have nothing to keep you from the hope of God’s eternal promises to you.  They are indescribable gifts which are too often ignored among the somethings in our lives.  Always give thanks!







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