Mother’s Day: Ordinary Mary

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Hug A Mother!

This morning is mother’s day.  If you have yours with you today then get up and give her a hug right now! If she has passed on then look up to Heaven and give God thanks for her— right now.  Thank God that you were born!  Without your mother you wouldn’t be here.  In this world of demonic madness and sanctimonious selfishness , thank God that she didn’t abort you!  Thank God this morning for Grandma’s also— if you have one with you then give her a hug too— for the blessing she has been and because grandmas are the mothers of our mom’s and dad’s— Happy mothers day to all of you wonderful ladies, and especially to those of you this morning who are pregnant with your first child or are locked down with a flock of them.  And God bless you mothers with heavy hearts today— those who have wayward children or children who have passed on before you.  May you feel the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father  today and know that He loves you so.  I am also aware that some mothers today may be feeling low because of mistakes that they have made with their children— May you know and feel the  loving forgiveness of Jesus Christ and be emotionally and spiritually healed this morning.  We love you mothers, and we give thanks for you today!

 Ordinary Mary Luke 1:46-55

No one needs to explain that a mother is not perfect.  We are all well aware of that fact, but what makes a good mother great is that —mixed with her constant human effort to raise her children as a charge (or mission) from God. 

Contrary to many traditional church teachings, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was also far from perfect.  She, like every mother, was an ordinary person.  She became extraordinary as she yielded herself to God’s will— and like all of us, she grew in her faith as she humbled herself and became accepting of God’s will and plan for her life…and her supernatural son’s mission.

Mary’s birth experience was unusual of course.  She and Joseph both knew that Jesus was no ordinary child— after all there was the angelic pronouncement that she— a virgin—would give birth to a son (you know, the whole Christmas story).  Mary knew from the beginning that she was bringing the promised Messiah (the anointed one of God) into the world.  The “savior” for her and her people.  We get a glimpse of Mary’s overwhelming revelation in her song recorded in Luke’s gospel (Luke 1:46-55).  Mary certainly knew that her mission was to raise up the promised Messiah but she and Joseph knew very little of what that entailed.  Mary’s song is profound, but the greatest quote of Mary’s life was in her instructions to others regarding Jesus.  She said, “Whatever He says to you, do it!” (John 2:5).  Anyone who follows those directions will be changed forever!

For The Record, here are some facts about Mary that prove that she was ordinary:

  • Mary did not stay a virgin. After the birth of Jesus she had other children

Mary had at least six children.  Four sons (James [the writer of the book of James in the new testament], Joseph, Simon and Judas) who are named in Matthew 13:53-57.  Mary also had two daughters are more although they are never named, the plural form is used in reference to them.

  • Mary and Joseph lost the boy Jesus for three days.    Luke 2:41-50
  • Mary doubted Jesus’ mission and purpose (so did his family) Naturally, Mary was concerned for the welfare of “her son” especially as crowds with mixed reactions to what he preached grew around him.  It had been 30 years since her miracle birth.  She forgot, as all humans do, the supernatural plan for life.  She believed , along with the rest of the family, that Jesus was “out of his mind” and came with her sons to bring him home. (Jesus didn’t go home.) Mark 3:20-21, 31-35
  • Mary did not go to the tomb and see the resurrected Jesus  There is no record of Mary, mother of Jesus at the empty tomb.  The gopel account says it was Mary Magdalene and “the other Mary” (“the mother of James” the apostle).

Mother Mary was probably at the apostle John’s house.  The fact that Jesus put Mary in the charge of John ( John 19:26-27) assumes that his own family still did not believe in him at his crucifixion;  (We know of course that James, his half brother eventually did believe.)  furthermore, the fact that Mary or any of the disciples were not sitting in wait for Jesus’ promised resurrection at the tomb is proof they didn’t believe it would occur.

  • Mary did not ascend into heaven There is no Biblical record of such an event.

 Extraordinary Mary  Luke 11:27-28, Luke 1:46-55

The facts are obvious.  Mary was not a super saint.  She struggled with her faith just like we do. She had problems letting her son grow into his purposes too; but what Mary lacked in her humanness she made up in her willingness to be surrendered to God and His will.  Like Peter, she attempted once to redirect Jesus’ mission, and just like Peter she was sharply rebuked for it. (Peter: Matthew 16:21-23/ Mary: Mark 3:21, 31-34).  Unlike Peter, Mary was never recorded as failing Jesus again.  She is written of only two more times: 1.) standing near his cross (John 19:25-27) and 2.) waiting and praying in the upper-room for the Holy Spirit Jesus promised: along with her four sons who now believed… and Peter.  (Acts 1:12-14,2:1-4)  

 In  Luke 11:27-28 we read of a woman who cries out to Jesus from a crowd.  Her intent was to give Mary praise for nursing the Christ.  Mary’s correction of that woman stands as her greatest lesson for mankind.  We are not to praise Mary as the “eternal mother”, but to obey Jesus as our Saviour and Lord (Master).  Are you obeying our Lord—  as a mother, a father, a sister or brother?  Are you obeying His word?  “Whatever He says”…do you do it?

Ordinary people become part of God’s supernatural plan when they humble themselves and accept His will for their life.  Mary did just that.  Not always understanding, but always yielding, not always full of faith, but always trusting.  (Proverbs 3:5-6)  Mary is a fine example of motherhood but of a true disciple of Christ.  Not only did she willingly birth the object of our faith, but she kept that faith herself as well.  May we do the same.







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