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In the 1992 Classic American legal drama, A Few Good Men, directed by Rob Reiner and starring Jack Nicholson as Colonel Nathan Jessup and Tom Cruise as the inexperienced Lawyer, Daniel Kaffe, there is what has become an unforgettable scene for me. Young Kaffe orders, under oath, that the old embattled patriot Jessup tell the truth about what happened to a  soldier under his command.  Nicholson gave one of the great signature speeches of his career— which began by shouting at the top of his lungs: “You can’t  handle the truth!”  Jessup then goes on a tirade revealing the agony of a soldier who lives and dies by a code to provide freedom for spoiled, entitled Americans who have no appreciation for their sacrifices.  What Jessup orders in the film is awful, but his rebuke of Kaffe and all entitled Americans is right on!  That is why the movie is so powerful!

Entitled Americans expect our military and police to protect them like gladiators with their lives and then turn on them collectively when a handful of them fail.  I am disgusted with the behavior of the officers responsible for the death of George Floyd, a black man.  As a mayor in the City of Hawaiian Gardens, I was also disgusted with the behavior of the officer responsible for the death of Johnny Anderson, a Mexican.  I was also disgusted a week later with the      behavior of the officers responsible for the death of Lakewood resident, John Berry, a white man, suffering with schizophrenia.  All of these unarmed men were brutally killed by police without justification, but I am not convinced that it was racial in any of these cases. What I do believe is that we have overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, disrespected men and women who have to deal with the constant barrage of the most negative and hazardous of humanity day after day. In fact, about 70% of incidents in which deputies use force involve people suffering from some form of mental illness or substance addiction. And yes, the 20-page autopsy report on George Floyd revealed that he had fentanyl, marijuana, and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death, but that has never been revealed by the status quo who have another obvious agenda.  Now the protester’s cry is “Defund the police!”  Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has since dropped to his knees and cut $100-$150 million from police funds — after activists rallied outside of his home. New York city council candidates are now demanding that 1 billion dollars be cut from their 6 billion dollar police budget.  This money mind you could be designated for police training in dealing with people suffering from mental illness or substance addiction, but “no” another term for liberal politicians is more important!

Strange isn’t it, that the narrative of Covid-19 shut down the economy, closed down churches, released convicts and arrested pastors and business owners who defied the orders of liberal governors and mayors, but gave way suddenly to protesters and violent looters and arsonists yelling “Black Lives Matters!” Hundreds of people attended funeral services for George Floyd but thousands of funerals have been denied for many American families due to coronavirus, including people in our own church!  Where did Covid-19 go?  Where did doctor Fauci and Brix go?  There is a new narrative now people— get on board the propaganda machine!  The social and main stream media will tell you exactly how to believe and what to do.  Just follow orders like stupid sheep to the slaughter.  Does anyone want the truth anymore?  “You can’t handle the truth!”

 TRUTH Matthew 7:13-14, John 14:6, John 10:8-10, Matthew 16:24-26, John 15:18-25

Only God’s true children who are filled with His Spirit can “handle the truth”, but it is not pretty, nor is it easy to tell!  The truth of God is narrow and separates the believer from the main-stream world.  Jesus said, “Narrow is the way that leads to life…” (Matthew 7:13-14) and then He defined it by saying, “No man comes to the Father except by me(John 14:6).  Later He went further by saying “All that came before me are thieves and robbers(John 10:8-10). Finally He said, anyone who wants to be his disciple must pick up his cross and follow” Him (Matthew 16:24-26) and that the world will hate us on account of Him (John 15:18-25). “Christian, if you think that following Jesus will make you popular on social media or win you a bunch of friends you’ve got another thing comin’!  “Can you handle the truth?”

FIRST SIGNS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Acts 2:11b, 14, John 8:31-47

When the Holy Spirit first fell on the church in Acts chapter 2— two things  happened         immediately. 1.)  All people of all races and languages heard the wonders of God (Acts 2:11b) and 2.) the truth was proclaimed (Acts 2:14). These are the first two signs of the Holy Spirit at work in a person’s life. 1.) God makes one keenly aware that you are a part of the international family of God (He removes racial boundaries in your heart)  and 2.) you are filled with a zeal to know and live for truthIf you are truly one of God’s children, led by His Holy Spirit, then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!  

The Jews were angry when Jesus made this truth clear to them in John 8:31-47.  Perhaps I am making some people angry now! The crowds argued with Jesus claiming that they had some kind of spiritual superiority over Him and His teaching because they were Jews—the chosen race! Imagine, God, creator of all things, wrapped in human flesh and standing before them yet they were full of self-righteousness!  Their prideful response to Jesus’ proclamation of truth was: “We have never been slave of anyone!” These stupid people didn’t even know their own history— like many Americans! These Jews had forgotten that they were once slaves in Egypt and that God brought them out and moved them into a promised land that they lost because of their own unfaithfulness to Him  (Listen up American infidels)!  Jesus’ didn’t bother to correct their ignorance of history, He simply reminded them that they were slaves of sin, illegitimate children, operating in the spirit of error and not in the Spirit of God. The reason that they could not hear Jesus is because they did not belong to God.

SATANIC PROPAGANDA Matthew 7:15-20, Galatians 5:19-25

Today we are living in a nation and world full of lies and Satanic propaganda which use identity politics to divide and conquer people— A true child of God will not fall for these lies while those around them will wallow in them! We must be filled with the Spirit of God or we will not stand.  We can know who is of God by the “fruit”—the characteristics of God— that shine in a believers life as they yield to the Holy Spirit.  Beware— there are false prophets and false   believers — Accept no substitutes because Jesus does not!  God’s people will not use the race card and they will always walk in biblical truth.   Be filled with the Holy Spirit and keep in step!



















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