FATHER’S DAY: “Big Daddy”

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Big Daddy & Bad Dads! Romans 8:14-17

Today I give thanks for “Big Daddy!”  That’s right, God is my “Big Daddy”, It says so in Romans 8:14-17.  The Greek word “abba” means “daddy”— and I’m adopted as His son and an heir to all He has.  All the other dad’s being honored this Father’s Day might have some merit too— even me, but no one holds a candle to “Big Daddy!”  To all those little kids fighting over who has the best dad, saying:  “My dad’s bigger than your dad!  My dad’s stronger than your dad! My dad’s smarter than your dad!”  I say, “my dad made the earth that your dad is standing on— and everything in it”.  “Big Daddy” wins all dads hands down!

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.  Psalm 24:1-2

 Dads are not all we are cracked up to be!  Even “great” men of history held in the highest esteem weren’t the greatest of dads.  Let’s just take the first most famous three fathers   mentioned in the Bible. Those so called “Fathers of Our Faith”: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob:

ABRAHAMCredited for:  Leaving all to follow God/ a man of faith!  Bad Dad: Genesis 16:1-6  He foolishly doubted God’s promise to give him a son through his aged wife and decided to procreate with his wife’s slave girl instead. In this brazen act of disobedience Abraham brought discord between two brothers and two nations for centuries (Jews and Muslims) and into the present day.  Abraham’s son Isaac failed too:

ISAACCredited for:  Obedience to his father even in the face of death. Bad Dad:  Genesis 25: 27-28  He and his wife played favorites with their twin boys.  As a  result mom taught Jacob, her favorite son, to lie and trick old blind Isaac into giving away his eldest son’s (Esau’s) birthright (Genesis 27:1-35). Jacob went right on lying about  everything throughout his life in order to prosper himself (be blessed).

JACOB (AKA Israel): Credited for:  Persistence in receiving a blessing from God. (Though by questionable tactics: Eventually God dislocated Jacob’s hip, causing him to confront his bad behavior so he could receive God’s real blessing for him and for the nation he birthed (Israel). Bad Dad:  Genesis 37:3-4  Played favorites with one of his 12 sons (Joseph)This brought  sibling rivalry of the worst kind and undue suffering into the boys life.  Jacob’s son Joseph; however, was elevated by his Heavenly Father to the highest place in Egypt and as a result saved all of Israel from extermination by famine.

Iniquity of the Fathers Exodus 34:6-7

We can see a biblical truth in these Fathers that we have just looked at.  The iniquity of the fathers was visited upon each of their sons for many generations.  When a father sins it carries over to their children by natural and spiritual law (Exodus 34:6-7).  And ladies stop nudging your husbands because your sin carries over too! 

What we have seen blowing up in our big city streets today is the result of bad parenting —generational curses— and I’m not just referring to the rioters, arsonists, looters, shooters, vandals and foul mouthed followers.  I’m talking about the greedy, self-serving politicians and big business billionaires that are funding and profiting from this bad behavior too.  The bigger picture here is the generational sin against God and the unrepentant hearts of men.

Saving Grace Psalms 27:10, Romans 5:12,15-17

There was one, and only one, saving grace that brought blessing through these men, and their son’s mistakes (and that same grace is ours as believers too). That grace is “Big Daddy!”  If it wasn’t for God in these men’s lives there would have been no good thing that came from them or their seed!  By God’s grace, Jesus Christ came through this line and He is our Savior and Redeemer!  God promises to love and care for us despite our parents faults. Even if we were utterly forsaken by both mom and dad God will not forsake us (Psalm 27:10).  No wonder Jesus said:

“Call no man ‘father’, for you have one Father and He is in heaven.” Matthew 23:9

Men…and women, there is only one thing that redeems our mistakes as parents.  That is the unmerited grace of God in our lives.  The difference between a good dad or mom is their  relationship with Christ.  Our original earthly father, Adam, made a mess of things and through his mistake brought condemnation to the entire human race, but God,  being rich in mercy, provided a sacrifice for our sin in Jesus Christ and now for those in Christ our sin is covered and a blessing comes where there once was a curse.  There is no Father like our heavenly Father.

Dead Bury The Dead!” Matthew 4:18-22, Luke 9:59-60                                                            Of course, God wants us to honor our mother and father…it’s the 5th commandment and has a promise of long life attached to it, (Exodus 20:12)  but no one should ever be elevated above God and His plans for us…not even dear old Dad!   The Jews had so much respect for their fathers that it was a son’s obligation to work with him as long as he lived—putting his own plans on hold until the old man was buried (by the son), but Jesus reminded them of the greater command: “You shall have no other gods before me” (1st commandment: Exodus 20:3). “FOLLOW ME”  He said it to Peter and Andrew, James and John.  Good ole’ Jewish boys fishing with their fathers.  “They immediately left the boat and their father” (Matthew 4:18-22). Jesus’ plan is more important than tradition, more important than earthly duty and respect, and even more important than dad!  “Big Daddy” calls those who follow Him to be fishing for the souls of men (Luke 9:59-60: the dead can bury the dead.) Nothing is as important as following Jesus, and dad’s, no lesson is worth teaching more than following Jesus. Be a fisher of men and start with your children! A man can teach his children many earthly things, but if he doesn’t teach them to follow Jesus he has given them Hell as their inheritance.

Greater Love! 1 John 1:9-2:2, 3:1-3 

What kind of a father are you—or have you been? Perhaps you have made some grave mistakes— confess them to God (1 John 1:9-2:2) and follow Jesus. “Big Daddy” can work all things for good (Romans 8:28) just look at Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Live your faith out loud men until He comes— because no love is stronger, no aim is higher no God is greater.  Who’s your Daddy?








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